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5 Things You Need To Know About Home Care

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding home care. Here are five fun "true" facts about home care:

1. Home care really means one-on-one care wherever home may be.

You don’t have to be living on your own to get home care, you can receive home care services in a retirement home, in a long term care facility (previously known as a nursing home), in a hospice, or in your private residence.

2. Home care is not just for seniors!

Home health care services are available for anyone who requires some support to remain safe and independent. These services are often helpful for people recovering from surgery or going through chemotherapy.

3. Home care is comprehensive.

Unless you are acutely ill and require hospitalization, you can receive the health care and support services that you need in your home.

4. Home care is both publicly and privately funded.

The government provides funding for home care services based on need (there is no financial assessment that is conducted at this point). Individuals have the option of paying privately for additional home care services, like those provided by our company. Some extended health plans cover private duty nursing and personal support workers.

5. Home care needs to be transparent.

There are often a lot of different people involved in providing home care (family members, doctors, nurses, personal support workers). Communication and coordination is essential to ensure quality of care and consistency for the person who is receiving care. Make sure there is a central way for everyone to communicate and coordinate with each other.


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